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February 2, 2018
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Brand development for a software and technology company

The challenge

Despite having a new logo, colours and fonts introduced in the last two years, the AMCS brand lacked any impact or dynamism and did not reflect the brand's positioning. AMCS wanted the brand to position it as the leading, premium, enterprise solution in its sector, and have comprehensive guidelines to ensure a cohesive use globally.

Key aims

  • Develop the AMCS brand to reflect the desired market position
  • Define the correct usage of all branding elements
  • Create templates for common items to allow for consistent local usage
  • Create comprehensive guidelines and resources for local usage

Our approach

The introduction of an arrow as a core branding element represents AMCS’ unique position as the only end-to-end solution in the market, and makes the company appear more dynamic, giving both static and motion graphics more energy. We revisited every aspect of the brand – from photography, to colour use, logo lock-ups, icons and animation, creating a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and templates. The revitalised brand is fresh, modern and vibrant.

new branding animated advert

Example of an animated advert in the new brand style

Print Design
Motion Design
Digital Design
Brand Guidelines

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