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February 2, 2018
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February 2, 2018
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Brand development for an e-learning company

"Electude hired MCC through a referral to sharpen up our branding – what we received in return was so much more. They really went the extra mile and gave us a vastly improved house style which has been almost unanimously applauded by customers, employees and other players in our space. It has really taken our marketing to a new level. I recommend MCC without reservation.”
Thomas Snyder, Chief Commercial Officer, Electude International

The challenge

Electude identified the need to refine and tidy-up their brand identity. They wanted to retain existing logos, but came to MCC to develop a new identity to bring their communication materials to life. Additionally, there was a requirement to build a set of ‘tools’ to enable the team to create collateral consistently and uniquely identifiable to the Electude brand.

Key aims

  • Evolve and refine the brand image
  • Develop new branding elements
  • Define the correct usage of all branding elements
  • Create comprehensive guidelines and resources for local usage

Our approach

Core to the refreshed brand identity is an equals symbol which was introduced to represent successful outcomes. The distinctive shape is also used to create a flexible yet cohesive narrative through the branding. Another key element of the branding is the increased use of red – which is unique in their sector – in order to increase brand recognition.

Print Design
Digital Design
Brand Guidelines

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