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Website and brand for science and research organisation

Project details
The challenge
Oxford Genomics Centre – part of Oxford University – has a comprehensive offering of genomics applications in sequencing, arrays and single-cell isolation and analysis. Besides providing these services within the university, OGC offers them on a commercial basis to organisations and researchers across the world, and the need to better market this offering through a new website was identified.

Key aims
- Present a professional, cutting-edge, knowledgeable and trustworthy brand image
- Differentiate from competitors
- Increase marketing activity without a marketing team
- Increase website leads

Our approach
Working with the team at OGC we identified 'knowledge and expertise' as key differentiators. Rather than just build these into the messaging, we structured the whole website and user journey around these ideas, making them core to their brand identity. With no dedicated resources for updating and maintaining website content, our strategy was to get everyone involved in marketing the organisation through a new blog (knowledge).

Although not part of the original brief, an update to the organisations branding was key in achieving the website aims. We created a new logo to give their brand a more sophisticated image.

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- Branding
- Website Design
- Email Marketing
Website and brand for science and research organisationWebsite and brand for science and research organisation